Ira lawrence

IRA LAWRENCE GAMERMAN plays a haunted electric mandolin that belonged to his estranged grandmother. He debuted his ghostly atmospheric post-folk on "Elegant Freefall' ("#9 Best EP of 2015"- Independent Clauses), had a brush with soap opera stardom in the Philippines on his 2016 concept album "Mapagkawanggawa", and dealt with loss and political strife on 2017's distortedly dark sophomore album "Young & Paranoid". Along with a prolific self-recorded output, Ira played shows at Rockwood, Pianos, Bitter End, Mondo, and Cake Shop in his adopted home of New York. He has toured destinations as far flung as Manila, Melbourne, Miami, Nashville, Baltimore, and Ohio while sharing stages with Twilight Sad, Rachel Angel, Blue Oyster Cult, Red Fang, and Cee Knowledge of Digable Planets. He regularly plays live ambient music for Vinyasa at Daya Yoga in Bushwick. In summer of 2018, he released “CAMP FAMOUS” an album from his auto-tune pop alter-ego, Mr Sunglasses.

Ira’s plays have been performed at The Kennedy Center, Samuel French OOB, #Serials @ The Flea, Short & Sweet Sydney, Collaboraction (@ the Steppenwolf Garage), Source Festival, Single Carrot, The Australian Broadcast Corporation, The Chicago New Media Summit, and Great Plains Theater Conference (among many other places around the globe). In 2006, City Paper voted Ira “Best Playwright Of Baltimore”. In 2009, Dated: A Cautionary Tale For Facebook Users was a New York Innovative Theater Award nominee for best short play. Ira has received playwriting grants from the Maryland State Arts Council and Chicago Union League. BILLY BITCHASS is published in THE BEST 10 MINUTE PLAYS OF 2016 by Smith & Kraus. His immersive theater piece’s GHOST ROOM and Insider Trading Swap premiered at Chashama’s Art Is Everywhere Gala.

In summer of 2017, Ira lead a Music Ascension program- teaching songwriting and recording techniques to elementary through high school students at Indian Head Camp. Ira has taught undergraduate theater and writing classes at Ohio University and Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn. Ira has mentored Young Playwrights Festivals at Atlanta’s Horizon Theater and Baltimore’s Center Stage. In Manila, Ira taught theater games to impoverished youths with Project Pearls and lead workshops on musical writing at the Karnabal Festival. Most recently, he was a roadie for Willie Mae Rock camp for Girls in New York.

Internationally, Ira is 1/4th of AustraliAmerican Theater Collective Everything Is Everywhere (2 Aussies 2 Americans 2 gals 2 dudes 2 goys 2 Jews 2 legit 2 quit) whose performance "Everything Is Everywhere Lie To Your Face" made it's debut at the 2015 Karnabal Festival in the Philippines.

Ira’s podcast work has been produced by Radiotopia’s THE TRUTH where "Biological Clock" won a 2013 Mark Time Award and "Sweets For The Cheat" was a 2013 Audio Verse Awards finalist. Both episodes have been downloaded over 150,000 times.

Ira co-created, co-produces, and co-hosts DANGEROUSLY UNQUALIFIED: A PODCAST ABOUT LOVE (The original serialized Baltimore-centric podcast from Ira G and America's Favorite Amateur Dating Coach: Ryan Dowler).

Ira holds a BA in Theater from Towson University, an MFA in Playwriting from Ohio University, and studied Devised theater at the (now defunct) Dartington College Of Art in the UK. He has been a script consultant for Serbian Filmmaker Milica Zec (Sundance New Frontiers 2015). Ira has been published by Consequence Of Sound, High Times, Eleven Magazine, and Howlround. Ira has appeared on The Wire, The Deuce, Mr. Robot, Step Up, and High Fidelity (HULU).

Internationally, Ira is 1/4th of AustraliAmerican Theater Collective Everything Everywhere  (2 Aussies 2 Americans 2 gals 2 dudes 2 goys 2 Jews 2 legit 2 quit) 

#EisE creates theatre and storytelling performances about the complicated, important, destructive, frightening and beautiful things in the world: political unrest, butt sex, globalization, periods, social justice, inequality, dogs, climate change, the media and the things that happen in the space between us, the things that change and transform and undo us.

As an international collective spread between continents, and with members coming from different cultures and artistic backgrounds, we are excited by the possibilities that come from collaborating over long distances. We are interested in the temporary-ness, and the distance, and the technology we use to stay in contact and create.

#EisE’s performances combine storytelling, scripted theatre, music and lo-fi animation: in other words, whatever the four of us can get away with. Our work is created through a combination of long-distance collaboration and intensive residencies.

Formed in January 2014 during a week-long Brooklyn snowstorm, Everything is Everywhere is Jessica Bellamy (Aus), Ira Gamerman (USA), Siobhan O’Loughlin (USA) and David Finnigan (Aus). #EisE’s first show "Everything Is Everywhere Lie To Your Face" was presented in 2015, as part of Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s KARNABAL Festival in Manila.

If you’d like to chat with us about a possible project, or if you’re interested in learning more, please drop us a line at info [at] everythingiseverywhere [dot] com.